Best Javascript for Beginners

Ever since the beginning of technology, there has always been a quest to complicate things. These complications result in better utility and every line of code has its own importance that cannot be replaced. There are developers who are on a constant request to update their knowledge so that they can build more robust applications that are rich in features.

However, sometimes, it is forgotten that a framework needs to be as simple as possible to entice and attract beginners and novice quarters into using that framework. This alone is going to result in a big stream of new developers embracing the framework. In that respect, we have given below, some of the easiest JavaScript frameworks that you can use to create your app or your web page.

It is quite known that JavaScripts like Angular, Aurelia, and Ember stand among the most popular. As much as they are popular, they are also known for being the hardest to learn and to optimize.

React and Vue stand somewhere in the middle sandwiched between being extremely easy to learn and extremely difficult to learn. The latter is known for being progressive where it starts as a simple thing to learn but becomes increasingly complicated as you add features to its functionality. React, on the other hand, is known for the syntax that resembles J query. Inclusion of the J query like syntax only results in an increased complexity of the code, making it extremely difficult for beginners to master all the facets of this JavaScript.

In addition to that, both the above-mentioned JavaScript platforms have a problem of architecture bloating. Both of them have pure view libraries. It implies that when state management, state flower, and rotors are added, the complexity starts to increase exponentially. Therefore, it might not be a good idea for beginners to start with React or Cue.

That leaves us with one of the most unsung and amazing JavaScript is created. There are good chances that you might not have even heard the name. We are talking about this JavaScript called Mithril. Mithril’s API is quite similar to that of React and Vue but it has everything that is essential fto create a single page application. The components also include router and connection library. These are the components that complicate the coding exercise in React and Vue.

Mithril’s documentation is one of the best advantages brought to amateur coders. Instead of forcing implementations on the developer, it puts the reliance on the developers themselves.

Above everything, what makes Mithril one of the best platforms is the number of lines in the CodeBase. Vue has over 11,000 lines of code in its base. Every line of code is a representation of complexity in learning. It also implies that every line should be understood to understand and unravel the workings of the JavaScript and it’s functionalities.

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