Importance Of Javascript

Importance Of Javascript

There was a time when the front-end was confined to HTML and CSS – and for a good part of history, not even CSS! Today, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the realm of front-end development companies is completely confined to JavaScript. There are different versions of JavaScript like angular, react, and node. Even though the preference of JavaScript frameworks are varying from time to time, JavaScript in general has positioned itself as an undeniable entity in the frontend development process.  

A lot of front-end development companies specialise in all of these JavaScript frameworks. Even if not for everything, there are a few companies that specialise in at least one of them, and it is what gives them the reputation of being one of the best front end development companies.

How did JavaScript take over the world of front end? What is it that made JavaScript an inevitable choice for front-end design and development? Let us read on to find out!

One For Everything :

When we think about JavaScript, we tend to think about it with a hint of monotony. However, each JavaScript has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it would be better to call them specific features. For example, angular JS brings the advantage of model view controller and server side scripting. This makes the content generation extremely fast. As not all correspondences have to reach the server. It is also extremely useful for making a single page application – one of the manifestations of minimalism when it comes to the application world.

It might not be an advantage with the other JavaScript frameworks but each one does have its own set of plus points making the case specific. When it comes to JavaScript it all burns down to opting for the right JavaScript keeping in mind the requirement from the customers. 

Same Old JavaScript :

No! We are not talking about how outdated the entire spectrum of JavaScript frameworks are – they are not. Instead, we are talking about the programming efficiency that it brings about by using the good old JavaScript as the programming skeleton. Although each JavaScript framework has its own signature commands and lines, the skeleton remains the same, making it extremely easy for programmers to pick it up.

That is the signature of a good programming framework – it is not that complicated things have to be achieved using complicated lines of code or by creating a completely new program script. It can just improvise upon what has been existing and still make it to be one of the best things that has ever happened to the world of design and programming. This is one of the reasons why JavaScript is being the most preferred when it comes to front end development. It is easy to pick up even if you are an amature in the field. 

Market Friendliness :

Marketing has always been a strenuous task. The hurdles that need to be crossed to overcome competition and to generate potentials is something that cannot be explained in words. The world of marketing is no longer monotonous as it once used to be – there was a time when even software had to rely on classic media like television, newspapers, and radio. Today, the avenues even within the online trailer are so wide and diverse that it is quite possible that you can market your application even without considering the television and radio.

The world of online advertising has gone a couple of notches further and it has come to a point where there is not even a need for search engines to market an app – it can entirely be done on social media.

Considering these factors, JavaScript brings their own set of advantages. Some JavaScript frameworks are not known to be search engine friendly – they take quite some time to load and are not that easily indexed by Google. However, when it comes to social media marketing, they tend to perform extremely well. Since social media has opened the gates to market any service or product in a customized manner, it is easy to reach the right set of audience with the right message at the right time.  This is what makes JavaScript a preferred choice for businesses that are competing in a highly competitive landscape where they might not stand a chance when it comes to search engines but can surely make an impact when it comes to social media marketing. 

Developer Community :

Most of the JavaScripts are supported by a dedicated developer community. These communities provide instant solutions for any query that is raised from the developer side. Every new version that hits the market is launched with an intention to make the development process a smooth experience. Since it is not a corporate setup, there is always a possibility of the community offering something new. 

Futuristic :

The tech world always embraces any concept that is future ready.  JavaScript is not an exception. JavaScript has made so much of an impact that it might be hard to think of any new framework in the near future. Even if it is the new framework is quite likely to be one of the options of JavaScript and is more likely to be backed by a big brand like how AngularJS is backed by Google and ReactJS by Facebook. 

This again ensures that the need for specialisation is not from scratch as the core of programming remains the same, making it extremely easy for you as developers to pick up the JavaScript programming for front-end design.


Front-end design and development companies have always been thanking JavaScript for making UI/UX development extremely easy. It does not just bring in aesthetics but gives the advantage of visibility.  A well planned user engagement has the true power to convert any audience into a potential lead. All we can say is, this will continue and JavaScript will stay on its rightful throne as the king of front-end design for quite some time!