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The impact that web development has brought in various industries is remarkable. The growing need of websites and apps to have a strong digital presence gave birth to many web development and mobile app development companies. Taking into consideration web and mobile app development, JavaScript frameworks has become very prominent. There is a significant progress in the web development sector. The evolution of technology has created the demand of developing top notch web applications that caters to the requirement of the business. One of the most famous and reliable framework is AngularJS. Here are some of the best Angular JS tools.


Webstorm is an exceptional IDE that renders extra ordinary help when it comes to coding JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It allows you to work with the modern technologies. It also gives you smart advice to code in smarter ways. WebStorm s sure to have a positive impact on your development process as it improves the productivity. WebStorm takes support from Meteor for testing, removing bugs, and code analyzing with different VCS. WebStorm is capable of working will all modern technologies. Its live editorial manager deserves a very special mention as it allows to witness the code progression without requiring the page refresh.


Karma is one of the well-known testing framework. One of the exceptional features of Karma is that it allows the developers to test run the program in real eco-system. Any product that is developed on Angular JS can be subjected to test run on browsers and phones. It is comparatively easier to spot the glitches and carryout the debugging process. It support all kinds of testing that includes E2E, midway and unit testing. To utilize the socket IO it interacts with the dynamic program.


Irrespective of what it brings to the table, it is a tool with cool name to it. For content creation it uses Django and angular. Hence it is not necessary for the developers to integrate each project with Django. It also allows you create a consistent content structure by creating different name scrapes. Top notch app security can be provided with Djangular as CSPF protection.

NGX restAngular

NGx Rest Angular makes data fetching very easy. From Restful API you can plan to build angular built apps. If there is requirement of unique response from the server it allows the developer to specify custom HTTP methods. There is also a possibility to define names of URLs, and make use of the nested Restful entities too. General requests such as GET, POST, DELETE and UPDATE without nay hassles. You can be assured that you will not be facing difficulties while sending requests to different servers and servers.


Protractor is without a doubt one of the popular and widely used tool in Angular JS. It is a testing framework. It offers a whole solution for end to end testing for Angular JS apps. It has a very different functioning. It automatically syncs the web pages and runs the test immediately after the completion of one page. It is important to point out that it offers real time experience to the developers.

Angular Fire

Angular fire has positioned itself to be a very reliable backend development tool. If you want to develop an application with Angular JS, this would be ideal choice for you. It also brings you an active Angular IDE in the relevance. Even though there are numerous benefits there are three benefits that stand out from the rest. They are flexible API, 3-way data binding and rapid development capabilities. These are not just mere advantages. It contributes by providing the developer a comfortable environment.

Hire Angular JS Developers

Angular Deckgrid

Angular is a light weight grid comparing to most of the other grids for Angular JS. The main purpose of this tool is code instructions. The directive of this toll does not need to rely on the visual representations. Angular Deckgrid uses CSS file for receiving visual representation.


Mean is one of the most commonly used Angular JS tools. It functions as a boiler plate in different platforms. Some of the other platforms where this tool is commonly used include Mango DB, Node JS, and Express. Mean consists of a set of preconfigured modules. Some of them include Mongoose and Passport useful to majority of the developers.

Sublime Text

The main use of Sublime Text editor is the test code generation   for any web page or an application. When it comes to text editor it leads the race and it the most preferred by the majority of the developers across the world. It is an exceptional source code editor with the Python Application programming interface. It also has the facility to edit the codes in two locations of a particular file. There is an option for split screen editing that accelerates the coding process. It can be companied with Angular for source code editing. There are some particular features in the tools that make the IDE preferred by many developers. Some of the other worth mentioning feature includes instant project switch, cross-platform and split editing.


These above mentioned tools have their own set of strengths. They are unique in their own way and is quite popular among the front end developer community. If you feel that there are tools that are worthy to be included in the list please does mention it in the comments. At the end of the day it is all about perspectives and preferences.

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