What Makes One-Page Applications Fantastic?

One-page applications sound similar to one-day matches in the context of cricket. As opposed to the classical text matches, these matches are designed to deliver a better experience and a better quotient of thrill. That is almost the case with single-page applications.

Defining Single-Page Applications

Single page apps, as the name implies, are the apps that have nothing more than one page. However, that doesn’t mean that it compromises the information provided to the user. In fact, single page apps or SPAs as they’re commonly abbreviated, are designed to deliver better experiences to end-users than the classic multi-page apps.

Angular JS – It made SPAs possible

AngularJS is yet another manifestation of Javascript but unlike its predecessors, it brought about a great innovation. AngularJS reduced the dependency on the server for generating dynamic contents. This meant that a user at the end could see information on the app based on their actions. However, all these happened whiteout any intervention or interaction with the back-end.

This makes AngularJS a bliss for front-end development companies to create impeccable web-apps. AngularJS ensured that it erased the prominent line that demarcated the front-end and back-end territories.

What Does It Mean For Businesses?

AngularJS development companies bring in a lot of tech in ensuring that the SPAs do not compromise on user-experience. The client-side rendering is programmed in such a way that all the elements that need to change according to the interactions of the user are pre-programmed.

Businesses can capitalize on the user-delight generated by the interactiveness. The little elements of interactiveness and intuitiveness go a long way in getting your app famous, and even viral in the right communities. Simple apps like the close button evading a mouse-click by being repelled by a cursor can evoke a lot of social sharing,

On the search engine optimization front, single-page apps bring a lot of advantages. If the static part of the contents are keyword-rich, SPAs mean that more time is spent on the site, and that the bounce-rates are low – stats that are favored by search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex.

It might be surprising ti know that AngularJS as a platform was co-created by Google, and to this day, Google offers continuous support. Although there might be SEO experts who argue that AngularJS isn’t Google-friendly, there are two things that need to be taken into consideration. One is that the AngularJS development companies need to understand that even the static content can be made keyword-rich. In addition to that, they also need to understand that Google is continuously improving the way in which AngularJS pages are being indexed.

The future surely looks promising on the search marketing front for AngularJS pages and apps.

Another advantage brought about by SPAs for businesses is that it is extremely mobile-friendly. It means that businesses don’t have to invest a separate amount in creating a mobile website or app.

What does it mean for the user?

With all these advantages, if it doesn’t translate into better experience for the user, all these glories are bound to fall flat. Fortunately, it’s not the case for single-page apps. They present a lot of delights for the user.

First of everything, the user doesn’t have to go through the hassle of navigating between pages. They can be comfortable with all the essential information about the app being given in a single page. This comes in as a great bliss in areas where the mobile internet speed is relatively low – the users don’t have to keep loading page after page, but at the same time, they aren’t compromising on the personalization.


No innovation will continuously be embraced unless it delights the end-user. Single Page Applications have surely passed this litmus test, and are here to stay. AngularJS development companies now have a responsibility to constructively exploit the features of AngularJS and create stunning SPAs!

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